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Friday, September 14, 2012

Our newly designed website!

Please visit our new site at www.kairos10.com.  Thanks goes to team at Liquidfish in OKC for an amazing redesign! 

Just a few features you will find when visit are...

1) Kairos 10 promotional video

2) Photos and bios of each the Kairos beaders in Ghana

3) The process of making a Kairos bracelet

4) What can you do to help with the Kairos mission of "Jewelry for a Cause"?

Here is the home page!

Kairos 10 invites you to visit our new site and leave us a comment on the contact page!  Thank you for your continued efforts and support of this mission!

The Kairos 10 Team


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Joryel Vera said...

i couldn't agree more, i have this system as well and it has paid itself off in so many ways - i often will even just use the punch because the holes are so clean...
i would like to add fusion beads to the list - they often have promotions and i was able to get mine at a discount! there are even sterling rivets now -

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