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Friday, August 31, 2012

Noka Clinic, Eastern Region

K10 founders Phyllis Morris and Charlie and Katheryn Pennington, and K10 volunteer, Betty Lewis toured and dedicated a completed medical clinic in Noka on August 26. Noka is a village set in the beautiful tropical mountains of the Eastern Region.

The structure of the clinic was built and funded by Trinity Church in Brentwood, UK during a 2010 mission trip. The remaining funding to complete the clinic interior, electricity, and plumbing was provided through K10 donations.

The Penningtons and Morris' held clinic in the open structure in January 2011. The building contains a patio portico for hygiene education classes, pharmacy, exam room, and shower and toilet facilities. A borehole well was also dedicated in front of the facility, provided through K10 private donors.

The K10 dedication and ceremony was broadcast by a Ghana news station affiliate. Pictured below is Phyllis Morris and Katheryn Pennington at the dedication and touring the new facility. K10 thanks our donors and those who support our efforts for this incredible contribution to the health and future of the people of Ghana.

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