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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Christmas bead bracelet

Christmas beads are only one type of African trading bead. They are often called Children's Christmas beads, because they are worn by the children of Ghana at Christmastime.
  Trading beads were once used for currency and exchange in the 16th and 17th centuries. The most widely accepted explanation is that Dutch traders brought the beads to Africa. There are many varieties of trading beads, including bauxite, white hearts, watermelon beads, and chevrons. Now these antique beads are highly sought after. (www.thebeadchest.com)

On a recent trip to Ghana in September, 2011, Kairos founders, Phyllis Morris and Katheryn Pennington met an African trading bead dealer named Ibrahim, whose family are antique bead dealers. Ibrahim met with Phyllis in March 2012 and brought his collection to TK's in East Legon where he laid out strand after strand of old trading beads. The video is of Phyllis and Yayo, Kairos' head beader negotiating with this well-known African bead dealer. Look for the old African trading beads in the beautiful new bracelets from K10!


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