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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Believe Adisah, K10 beader

Her name is Believe, and she has been with Kairos since October 2010.  Originally, Bishop Odai recommended that K10 hire her as to sweep beads or other tasks, because she had no background in jewelry or beadmaking.  Today, Believe is one of K10's most proficient beaders. 

Believe is from the Lake Volta region of Ghana, and comes from a large family.  She is married to Mr. Gershon Masiku, and they have three children.  Because of her success as a Kairos 10 beader, Believe is now able to send her children to private boarding school.  In her words, "So they can have an even better life than me."  Believe is the designer of the popular "Lauren" bracelet, with beautiful  purple recycled glass beads.


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