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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How recycled glass beads are made

This is a short video of the process of grinding, firing, adding pigment, refiring, and polishing the beautiful recycled glass beads that are found in many of the Kairos 10 designs.

Phyllis Morris, co-founder of Kairos 10, visited the Cedi Bead Industry in Ghana during her last trip to the country in late-September. The Industry is owned and operated by "Mr. Cedi", as he is known. (His given name is Nomoda Ebenizer Djaba.) Mr. Cedi's designs are well-known and sought after by beaders.

During her visit, Phyllis was given a tour of the Industry and purchased several different styles of beads, including various colors, the new "star bead" and some more elaborate designs that are striped or multi-colored.

Enjoy the video!


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