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Saturday, October 9, 2010

17 Original Designs posted in gallery!

Kairos 10 has just posted 17 original designs in the online gallery! Many designs are made with the recycled glass beads from the Cedi factory, including red glass, blue glass, white glass, and others. In addition most designs, including the two Christmas beads styles (both Old Ghanaian and new Christmas beads) are made with beautiful Swarovski crystals. Two of the 17 designs were created with rare beads from the Ashanti region.

As you are browsing the online gallery, you will find a brief description as well as an item number attached to each bracelet. (Please be sure to include the item number when you are ordering.) Each bracelet is $35 which includes tax, and comes packaged in a beautiful drawstring bag made from native Ghanaian material. (Shipping is $6.95 for up to 3 bracelets.)

Enjoy shopping for yourself, or for gifts for the holiday season! Thank you so much for your purchase. You are not only purchasing a beautiful, handcrafted original piece, but also providing sustainable income to the artisan, as well as a mosquito net to a family in a poverty-stricken village.


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