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Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 2012 trip complete

Kairos founders, Charlie and Katheryn Pennington traveled to Ghana this week to work with Kairos beaders, and do amazing work through the ministry of Kairos, and a partner ministry ID Ministries.  In 2011 ID Ministries, under the leadership of Courtney Bullard, launched a "Buy this Shirt" campaign, aimed at rescuing trokosi girls out of slavery.  Funds were raised to purchase 20 girls from the illegal practice, and place them in the Baptist Girls Vocational Training Center in Frankadua.  The Training Center was first visited by a Kairos team in April, 2011.  Reverend Grace is the headmistress of the Training Center which provides room and board, as well as traditional schooling and vocational training to more than 50 girls. 

The Penningtons were able to meet with a voodoo priest in an effort to pay for the release of the girls.  After one failed attempt, the second day the priest agreed to speak with the Penningtons, Pastor Odai from Accra, and two other Ghanaian pastors.  Though it is a process, arrangements have already been made for all 20 girls to be released!  Because of these efforts, 20 young women will now be nutured, loved, and taught a vocational trade that will give them hope and a future.  A Kairos group traveling to Ghana in March will visit the Frankadua home and meet the girls who have been rescued.   
During this trip, the beaders were also busy producing new bracelets, which will be returned to the US this week!  Over 500 new bracelets will return with additional shipments returning in February and March!  The work of Kairos continues to expand and new jewelry designs will be introduced at future Kairos events.  Follow the blog or visit our website to see the new designs soon!  #buyabraceletsendanet.   http://www.kairos10.com/.


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