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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Open house and mosquito net distribution

1st Quarter 2011

Kairos is about saving lives in Africa.  Malaria is transmitted by mosquitoes and is the #1 killer of children under the age of 5 years.  A child dies every 30 seconds from Malaria.  This disease is not treatable, but is preventable with a mosquito net.  Thus the idea for a sustaining micro business that began in September 2010.  Kairos is Greek and means “God’s appointed time.”  This is the appointed time to provide mosquito nets to save a child’s life by simply purchasing a Kairos bracelet.

Kairos purchases beads made in Ghana.  Ghanaian women produce the bracelets and the jewelry is returned to the US.  For each piece sold, a mosquito net is purchased, returned to Africa, and distributed free to families.  The idea for this cottage business to give a hand-up and not a hand-out came as a result of doing medical missions in West Africa.  All Kairos proceeds go to purchase nets.

To-date, 1,000 mosquito nets have been delivered to West Africa.  A group of seven Tulsa women just returned from a trip to Ghana on April 7-14 to distribute nets to villages and conduct a one-day medical clinic where over 200 people were treated.

Are you looking for a Mother’s Day or Graduation present?  Remember your gift is really saving a life and what better gift can you give?

You are the first to be invited to see the new Ghanaian jewelry arrivals.

Hosted by Julie Ryker & Andrea Graver
9811 S Houston Ave, Jenks, OK 74037
10am-2pm & 6pm-8pm

If you are one of our out-of-town customers, please phone Andrea at 918.430.5169 to make your phone selection or for more information about Kairos, Email bajjgraver4@gmail.com.

Thank you for your aid to save lives!


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