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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Open house and mosquito net distribution

1st Quarter 2011

Kairos is about saving lives in Africa.  Malaria is transmitted by mosquitoes and is the #1 killer of children under the age of 5 years.  A child dies every 30 seconds from Malaria.  This disease is not treatable, but is preventable with a mosquito net.  Thus the idea for a sustaining micro business that began in September 2010.  Kairos is Greek and means “God’s appointed time.”  This is the appointed time to provide mosquito nets to save a child’s life by simply purchasing a Kairos bracelet.

Kairos purchases beads made in Ghana.  Ghanaian women produce the bracelets and the jewelry is returned to the US.  For each piece sold, a mosquito net is purchased, returned to Africa, and distributed free to families.  The idea for this cottage business to give a hand-up and not a hand-out came as a result of doing medical missions in West Africa.  All Kairos proceeds go to purchase nets.

To-date, 1,000 mosquito nets have been delivered to West Africa.  A group of seven Tulsa women just returned from a trip to Ghana on April 7-14 to distribute nets to villages and conduct a one-day medical clinic where over 200 people were treated.

Are you looking for a Mother’s Day or Graduation present?  Remember your gift is really saving a life and what better gift can you give?

You are the first to be invited to see the new Ghanaian jewelry arrivals.

Hosted by Julie Ryker & Andrea Graver
9811 S Houston Ave, Jenks, OK 74037
10am-2pm & 6pm-8pm

If you are one of our out-of-town customers, please phone Andrea at 918.430.5169 to make your phone selection or for more information about Kairos, Email bajjgraver4@gmail.com.

Thank you for your aid to save lives!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gwen's Journal "Saturday in Accra!, Sunday at Maranatha, Africa meds sorter"

African meds sorter
Saturday!!!  Great day in Accra. Very tropical and humid in this beautiful country. Started off the day with a yummy breakfast. Cynthia has served delicious meals. We are so thankful for her!

Pastor Odai's wife Valerie, and Pastor Elvis and Peter took us out for the day. Many hours of driving. Lots of traffic. And if there is not a ditch across the road, then there would be a set of 3 of the biggest speed bumps you have ever seen!  We drove to the Cedi bead factory and purchased amazing hand made  beads.
Then to the Odamasi market!  Where we stocked up with more beautiful African beads.

Then the blessing of the day!  Went to Girl's home in Frankadu. The baptist Ghanian convention buys these girls from the shrine!  Then love and nurture them. They learn all about Jesus here!  The girls sang beautiful African songs, and then in English for us.  Great motions and beautiful smiles.  Some have really been physically hurt, but all harmed deeper than you can imagine!  They learn a trade and they help them get started in their field!  We learned a lot about them and then they wanted to know our names. Phyllis told the story that her godmother who was raised in a group home and learned to sew, and is quite an accomplished seamstress now. She did a great job. Leah shared about how much Jesus loved them and then Helen gave a talk. They really enjoyed them all!

We got to sit and encourage them, give them soap ( which they LOVED!) and gave them each a mosquito net. We took a basketball which they loved also!  We left money for them to get Bibles. We really enjoyed our time there. It broke your heart, but they all appeared to believe the beginning of their life had arrived. They were so precious, all 14-18 years old. A truly great visit.

Sunday  -- Wow!!!! Do the Africans know how to praise and worship God!!!  The church time was amazing. Pastor Odai had Helen give a mini message, Alicia sang, we all helped in Sunday school. I was Leah's assistant, but she got me to talk!  They are all so sweet!  I shared some of my story and one of the young men in the class went home and came back to the church with two books!  It was so precious. He wrote in the front of the book that he thought I needed the book more than he did. But that he really needed it!
Pastor Odai asked each one of us to stand up and share in front of the church. Yikes!  Pretty scary. Not my gift but I didn't faint!  God is faithful. 
I met Rev Mary who helped me sort meds. Her husband went to heaven 1 yr ago. She has two little girls and she is a pharmacist and a very special and kind lady. She brought me an African dress and headress!  I'll send you a picture of me sorting in my new get up!
We leave in the morning at 5 to drive to Winneba. That is where the church is being built in honor of Lauren. We have our medical clinic in a nearby village. Just found out I am in charge of worming all the children!!!!  It only means giving them a chewable pill which they think is candy and make a happy face on their hand!! Easy. Its a village of 400 so it could be busy. Pray for our endurance. It's very hot.
I have been blessed and blessed and blessed some more!  It's been wonderful. Helen, 77 and Leah 71 are keeping up with the young ones!  Nice to have two nurses with us!!

Medical Monday - Well loved ones--- there aren't words for today.  I was totally blown away. So many sick and precious people. The children are so darling. They stared and stared at the white ladies, and many were scared of us. Took lots of pictures but don't think they can possibly convey what we just experienced!
First job was the de-worming. Went through a lot of rubber gloves!  Just kidding.  It was actually fun!  They swarmed us.  After their pill they got a piece of candy!  Had to put a Smiley face on their hand because they kept wanting more and more. Probably 250 kids. Awesome. Then I kind of hung out with the little ones out under the shade tree. Played kickball. Held the ones that would let me and just smiled at them. It was great!! The children are so beautiful. Then in the clinic, I was the roamer and helped as needed. Wendy brought fifty homemade dolls and we got to give them away. They had written on each dolls tummy. "JESUS LOVES YOU."  Didn't see any other dolls or toys there. Just the one ball we kicked around which was the size of a large orange w a big hole in it!  But the children who were healthy seemed very content. We used the name of Jesus at every turn.
The doctors - Phyllis and Wendy. Pastor Odai's wife, Valarie and Elvis had to go meet with the village chief and elders to get approval for the clinic. They were involved with voodoo and tried to shut us down. But God was faithful and walked them through!!  We waited for them two hours and were getting concerned before they made it back. We had many patients anxious for us to start. Would guess we saw 175 people through the "doctors". Passed out medicine, did blood pressure, temperature. Prayed with each person  at three different times!  Then gave them mosquito nets. It was a great day.